Our Profile

Shanthi Nikethan School was started in the year 2001 with the humble intention of educating the masses of Bhadrappa Layout. Our vision for the school is to provide quality education for life based on Indian values and connecting to cultures of the wider world. We at Shanthi Nikethan, embrace the educational phliosophy of Rabindranath Tagore by providing all-round development of an individual and strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of life, creating patriotic and responsible citizens.

The school aims at not only preparing its pupils to qualify for the Board Exams but also achieving excellence in every aspect of educational value- Spiritual, Academic, Cultural, Social and Physical.

We aim at developing the character and personality through graded responsibility, personal guidance and social awareness. Greater emphasis is laid on inculcating moral values, through moral instruction classes which is a part of the curriculum.

In order to promote a healthy competition and provide an opportunity to develop talents in various fields, the students are encouraged to take part in various curricular and extra-curricular activities held at or sponsored by the school. Healthy competition in all academic, sports, discipline, humanities', literary and cultural activities among the students create an atmosphere for growth, provide more opportunities for many to exhibit their god given talents, promote the values of sharing and caring and learning from others, to accept defeat in life and to strive for excellence.

To achieve this purpose, the school is divided into four houses namely:
1)C. V Raman house- Motto --By courageous devotion in the task lying in front of us, we will reach success
2)Abdul kalam House-Motto- With a humble approach, a strong determination and a true spirit, we will reach the stars.
3)Rabindranth Tagore House- Motto: By faith and hard work we will conquer the stars.
4)Ramanujan House: We will always dream big and attain the impossible.

Teaching Learning
We believe that quality of teaching is as good as the teachers. The Strength of our school is the passionate and committed teachers. The school provides scope for:
1)21st century learning skills
2)Activity based learning
3)Collaboration and interdependence
4)Society based projects
5)Value based teaching

Mentoring: We support and encourage every student in our school to manage their own learning, optimize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become a better learner. We conduct individual and group mentoring sessions for high school students from senior teachers, academicians, doctors, counselors and motivational speakers.

1) Class room: We provide well ventilated and furnished class room with interactive smart boards. The environment in the classroom is conducive and creative, providing scope for optimal learning. Video recorders are also provided in all the class rooms.
2)Laboratories: Our Science and Computer laboratories are creative zones of investigation and understanding. The adequate facilities help facilitate the student to learn through experiences and activities.
3)Library: Our library has a good collection of books, audio, video CD's systematically classified. The resources at the library facilitate innovation and support for teaching leaning at the school.
4)Playground: A spacious playground and a well designated and spacious auditorium with a 500 seating capacity and adequate facilities adds to the facilities provided at the school.

Kindergarten Wing: Shanthi Nikethan empowers every young mind to realize their potential emotional values by Play, Learn and Explore. We focus on in the overall development of the children through an integrated learning approach. We unify the philosophy of Montessori system and skill based learning with integrated academic skills and practical life experiences.

1)Cognitive development
2)Personal, Social and Emotional Development
3)Academic skills
5)Language and Phonics
6)Life Skills

1)Collaboration and Team work
2)Creativity and free play
3)Respect for each other and for the environment
4)Parent's involvement in supporting child's learning.

School Timings:
1)LKG: 8:20am to 2pm
2)UKG: 8:20am to 2:30pm
3)Saturday: 8:20am to 12:15 pm
4)Ist - VIIIth std: Monday to Friday: 8:20am to 3:30pm
5)Saturday: 8:20am to 12:30pm.