Shanthi Niketan School Bhadrappa Layout - Bengaluru Best School



1. Students during admission are instructed to kindly furnish correct details of name, date of birth, name of parents/ guardians and the caste. Information once entered in the admission form should not vary later, due to any circumstances.

2. Regular attendance and punctuality of students are a must in this school.

3. Leave or absence will be granted for genuine reasons to students with prior permission of the principal.

4. Attendance on the re-opening day after each vacation is compulsory..

5. Punctuality for both sessions daily is essential.

6. Absence due to illness should be intimated at once. Leave absence must be obtained by making the entries in the leave record provided for this purpose in the school dairy.

7. The school assembly begins the day. Before the commencement of the morning session, students will assemble in front of the school, for prayer and instruction.

8. Silence in the school premises and in the classroom is always to be maintained.

9. Neatness and cleanliness in dress and person will always be insisted upon. Politeness speech and courtesy in manner will always be required of students. Respect for authority and obedience to superior will always be required of students.

10. Students are expected to converse only in English in the school premises. .

11. Responsibility for cycles books, pens, water bottles, napkins, lunch boxes, bag and other belongings will be assumed by the student himself/ herself.

12. Visitors are requested not to enter the corridor, staff room or classroom during school hours. Those who wish to seek general information should contact the school office.

13. Parents desiring to enquire about the progress, attendance and behavior of their ward are encouraged to periodically and meet the head of the institution with prior appointment or meet the subject teacher or concerned class teacher.

14. Parents must attend the parents- Teachers or the parents – Management Meeting without fail.

15. Presence of the parents at the Annual Sports, school day celebrations and any others common Public activity of the school is much solicited.

16. Library cum reading room will remain open during school hours. The students are allowed to take books from the library with the permission of the librarian and on the condition that the books will be returned back without damage..

17. All the students must buy one set of new uniform every year. The school uniform is compulsory on all working days. It is recommended that each students possess at least two sets of uniform for regular wear to the school. The shirt is to be trucked inside the trousers. Long hair left loose is not permitted. Short hair too, should neatly be combed or must be in 2plaits with black ribbons. No accessories or costume jewellery will be allowed. No painting of nails, face or hands (mehendi) is acceptable. One pair of simple ear rings. Preferably studs can be worn by girls.

18. Literary activities are conducted to provide an opportunity for the students to develop their talents in various field like public speaking , easy writing music etc. Parents are requested to encourage their children to take part in such activities held at or sponsored by the school. Band, science club, computer club, education tours, coaching in sports and games etc. are all meant for the all-round growth of the students. Hence students are encouraged to take part in these activities. Healthy competition in all academics, sports, discipline, humanities literary and cultural activities among the students create an atmosphere for growth, provide more opportunities for many to exhibit their God given talents, promote the values of sharing and caring and learning from others, to accept defeat in life and to strive for excellence. To achieve this purpose, the school is divided into four houses namely..

  • C V Raman House repressed by the color RED
  • Motto: By courageous devotion to the task lying in front of us we will reach success.

  • APJ. Abdul kalam House represented by the colour BLUE
  • Motto: with a humble approach, strong determination and a true spirit, we will reach the skies.

  • Rabindranath Tagore house represented by the colour GREEN
  • Motto: By faith and hard work we will conquer the starts.

  • Ramanujan House represented by the colour YELLOW
  • Motto: We will always dream big and attain the impossible.